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The Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) Workforce Online Reporting Knowledge System (WORKS) will function as a single portal of entry for workforce education and professional development to collect, report, and track child care workforce information needed to support education requirements. WORKS will also enable DCDEE to continue to comply with state child care licensure statutes, and promote and coordinate educational programs and materials designed to improve the quality of child care available in the state.

Staff in all child care positions must meet minimum education requirements. Previously, Education Evaluation Specialists in the Early Education Branch, Workforce Education Unit of DCDEE, assessed the education of individuals working in child care using paper applications in order to determine their qualifications. WORKS is designed to streamline education evaluation, using a web-based process designed to increase efficiency with which staff can process child care provider applications.




WORKS includes a self-service component known as the applicant portal. This will be used by an individual applicant to register and maintain their workforce information to support education requirements. The portal is available online and requires that the user maintain an individual NCID user name and password. All paperwork, with the exception of official transcripts, will no longer be submitted to the DCDEE Workforce Education Unit. These documents will be uploaded using WORKS via the applicants WORKS account.



Workforce Online Reporting and Knowledge System FAQ  

Applicant - Individual NCID Preparation

Workforce Identification Number (WFID)

Applicant Training

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